Me, left; Emeline, right. Yes, we wear matching dresses to  holiday parties. And yes, we are very high.

The Free State of Winston

(in a southern accent)

That’s where I was born. I’ve been clinging to the fact that I lived in the one county in Alabama that did NOT secede from the Union since I was five years old and learned about slavery for the first time.

So how did a very conservative, religious smalltown football coach and an equally conservative and religious middle school English teacher conceive the piece of liberal trash you’re reading about? This is a question that still eludes my parents to this day. Of course, I couldn’t escape all of the beliefs and convictions my parents tried to instill in me: I’m very skeptical of the government, no matter who’s in office; I can sing along to a lot of Toby Keith songs; and I believe you have to work really fucking hard to get what you want in life.

︎ People judge me and I keep a list ︎

Silver Sports Clio
Silver Effie
2x Bronze Effies

Bronze Cannes Lion
2x Cannes Shortlist
One Show Sustainable Development Pencil
Silver One Show Pencil
5x One Show Merit
Silver Gerety Award

Effies Finalist

Cannes Shortlist
Bronze Clio
Young Ones One Show Finalist
Local Gold Addy

Young Ones One Show Finalist

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