What happens when a gangster, a couple of NBA players, and a bonafide idiot (it’s me, i’m the idiot) walk into the most disgusting hotel in Los Angeles? A heist, of course. We made this spot to introduce the first-ever NBA in season tournament. Also, my boss gave me three days of PTO for making Trae Young laugh 😎 (we have unlimited PTO)
CWs/AD: MK Holladay + Dee Hering + Jen Wang
GCDs: Steve Horn + Mina Mikhael
Director: Kariim Huu Do

When the world went into quarantine, domestic violence rates skyrocketed. My partner, Emeline, and I began doing research to see if there was anything we could do to bring awareness to this issue. What we found, though, was even worse than we knew: in countries all across the world, violence against women is actually legalized. We came up with this campaign to bring awareness to these atrocities and 🤞hopefully help change these laws🤞. And we won a bronze lion, the One Show Sustainable Development pencil, and a silver pencil.
CW: MK Holladay
AD: Emeline Earman
ACDs: Pat Regan + Jess Bass
CDs: Rich Singer + Zack Menna
ECD: Chris Rowson

This was the first idea executed by Fight Gunfire With Fire. Initially, the idea was to put a bulletproof vest on the Statue of Liberty. Then some legit advertising professionals stepped in and made it amazing. And we were shortlisted at Cannes. And we won a Clio. And we were a finalist for an Effie. 
Interns: MK Holladay, Emeline Earman, and Mingyu Jo

We partnered with Change the Ref to get it off the ground.

Then, people started talking.

Although the NBA is known for “dropping dimes,” they dropped two nickels in our lap and told us to rub ‘em together for NBA League Pass and the NBA App. Thus a giant transforming TV and a man we lovingly refer to as “shrub daddy” were born. And we saw this bad boy all the way through from pitch to production.
CW/AD: MK Holladay + Emeline Earman
CDs: Steve Horn + Mina Mikhael
Director: Conor Byrne

There’s so many mysteries in our world: What’s in a black hole? Is there a god? What’s at the bottom of the ocean? If those mysterious things looked back at us, though... what would they wonder? Perhaps it’s why so many humans still have cable when Hulu + Live TV makes so much more sense? And we saw this bad boy all the way through from pitch to production.
CW/AD: MK Holladay + Emeline Earman
CDs: Casey Hall + Beth Fujiura
Director: Fredrik Bond